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Jan 02, 2018

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You’re selling!  When the time comes to sell your home it can often feel overwhelming.  Where do you start?  Even within your own area you may find there are many real estate agents to choose from, so even this decision can seem daunting.

The right real estate agent can offer an abundance of good advice.  They can advise on the value of your home in the current market, to any improvements that may help your property become more appealing to a buyer.   There are however a few other factors that you may like to consider.

Choose a local agent.  A local agent is going to have a better understanding of the area you are selling in and what it has to offer a potential buyer.  They need to be familiar with all local amenities – schools, day care centres, public transport, recreational facilities and shopping.  These are all important questions for someone new to your area.

A local agent is also more likely to have a thorough understanding of property values in your area.   They will know the past sales and also what is currently on the market.

Good sales ethics.  Good ethics are very important.  Dealing with someone you feel you can trust and talk openly with to sell your most important asset.  They need to deliver good communication with clear and precise answers to your questions.   Do they have good online reviews?  Sometimes word of mouth is worth its weight in gold and people love to share their experiences – good and bad.

How do they plan to ‘market’ your home?  You may want to get online and have a look at how your local agents advertise their sale properties.  Look at the photography they use and also how they convey the properties features.   Are they simply throwing it out there to the viewers or are they using a good marketing strategy.   Do they have a good database of clients?  Do they use other forms of online marketing like Facebook or Instagram?   Are they enthusiastic about selling your home?

With all of this taken into consideration, the final and most important thing to consider in choosing an agent is their negotiation skills.  A good negotiator can be the difference between simply selling your home compared to achieving a great price for your home.  This should be their main object as you have employed them to do just that.

By Claire Hester.

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